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Burkman & Associates was founded in the state of Virginia,. Licensed for 18 years, with Bar jurisdiction to practice within District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and New York. We are  a firm that is diverse in the global arena, offering many levels and segments of products for our clients in complex country environments. We lead in conquering challenging initiatives that average offices shy or evade from. We are strong and practice in our beliefs that relationships come first, that being entrepreneurial, un-conventional and yet traditional in our respectful approach to the law with a formula of seasoned expertise in lobby is critical, and that most of all it is important to give back to the community. We are proud to say that we are considered and voted exclusively by our clients roster, to be one of Virginia and Washington's best lobby firms for many years in the running.  In today's society going forward, being a lawyer and a lobbyist in one, is a weapon in itself for the advancement of a clients own vision, mission and or passionate causes. We are "in it to Win it for you".

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Our Virginia. office is one of most diverse, and highly regarded firms in the area. We customarily combine our legislative, regulatory policy, litigation, government relations and successful business model skills to provide clients customized needs. One of our powerful expertise is Public Relations  in media and certain Defense arenas. From high-stakes litigation to complex transactions, our commitment to teamwork and nimble agility allows us to remain responsive to our clients' changing needs in today's complex governmental, legal and international business environments.

Our Firms Mission


     Our mission is to provide realistic counsel with strategy code distinct to each individuals vision, mission or needs with above average high -end solutions. We serve as trusted advisors and guidance to expedient choices designed for our clients, we work hard to produce stellar results that  impact our clients’ business and or quest positively. We guide the responsibility to our system of government, the Nations public and the authentically chosen factual outlets of media, that lead to guarantee our lobby firm the freedom to practice our profession and provide resolutions that bettered or brought quality to some human beings.  


Our firm practices traditional lobbying, and have 30+ years of deep policy, and political expertise. Our operational performa at the office and team is a combination of classic business style and modern innovative communications techniques in client-friendly platform, and our approach on each and every challenge with a arsenal of true rare industry comprehensive skills, strategies and tactics. At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, it’s all brought in energy towards one, outcome – our clients' success.


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