Our Formula and Approach

Halls of Congress Expertise & Protocol Relations-


Do you want a powerful lobbying source?  Do you need realistic representation effectively in Washington DC?

Whatever your business, mission and or vision, we can bring methods into action and custom design specifically the focus in your pursuit that will bring you realistic results to  meet your goals.  

Here is a sample list of topic areas where we have helped clients with our experience, expertise, and resourced relationships:

· Defense Contracting

· Renewable Energy

· Cyber Security  

· Manufacturing Companies

· Information Technology companies

· Non-Profit & Charitable Groups

· Aerospace 

· Government relations Firms 

   & Contractors

No matter what your specific quest is, JMBurkman & Associate firm will guide and mentor you into benchmark plan, and follow that plan through to get you the results you're looking for with Success. 

Activating our resources to create the delivery of results

For over two decades, Jack Burkman has effectively represented and lobbied for leading corporations, institutions and individuals with the legislative and regulatory legal know-how needed to navigate a complex Washington, D.C. to help those entities into success.

Core leadership at JMBurkman & Associates is founder and President Jack Burkman, whom was educated 1988, B.A., University of Pittsburgh, PA  with a 1992 J.D. law degree at Georgetown University Law Center DC, summa cum laude; 1992, M.S.F.S., Georgetown University, DC, magna cum laude.  In compliance registered lobbyist. A former Fox News political analyst. Established public relations "Crises Causes" persona in Activism. Seasoned in early years in law practice at such following firms of Roetzel&Andress, Lathrop&Gage and Holland&Knight. Bilaterally since 1992 served as legislative council to members of Congress. 


Ralph Palmieri, 

a former staff Vice President of Lockheed Martin Information Systems and COO at Lockheed subsidiary Sytex Group.  Extensive technology related solutions provider domestic and internationally with the Department of Defense. Contains 10+ years lobby experience and veteran of the U.S. Army in Electronic Warfare from 1964-1986.  Command mix in languages as German, Italian, Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Vietnamese, Latin American Spanish exemplary of true Global relations in our corporate development client field of expertise. 

Has 37 years of Federal, State, and commercial marketing for
 Information Technology, Security software technologies, with working clients of advanced technology needs. Power in leadership with high-end client for Corporate operations, International operations, finance intelligence, research & development; merger& acquisitions,  human resource allocation relations, nuclear Bio-research, fossil and alternative power; medical logistics, forensics technology in law Enforcement. 

Palmieri professional core strengths leading the firm are: 


-CARVER Assessment Tool  (™) 

-Systems Effectiveness & Analysis

-Personal Security Vulnerability

-Red Team Analysis matrix  (™) 


- Threat Management

-Computer Forensics

-Security Clearance Background         

   Check and filings for Corporations,   


-International Pre- Investment Assessments

*As you can see, We provide effective and dynamic representation to all of our clients by working with them to define a goal, and then by creating strategies to help them reach that goal. By drawing on our experience in governmental relationship building and advanced communications, we’re able to get results for you quickly, and without misunderstandings.

At JMBurkman & Associates our strategies and solutions is not just only government relations. We can also assist you with your general communication needs, media affairs & PR strategy, marketing, business development, and even investor relations if required.

You can email us and fill out a quick form. Call us too, its more expedient. We will contact you with everything you need to know about how JMBurkman & Associates can help get your business or cause noticed in Washington DC, with the affected changes  you need as a result. 

Thank you for your time. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.